About us

We have been active in the translation business since 1997. We have worked as sworn translators and interpreters entered in the Register of Experts, Interpreters and Translators kept by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic since 1999. The main characteristics of our work include professionalism, speed, experience and ability to provide high-quality consulting to our clients. We make translations in person, guaranteeing their high quality and reducing to a minimum both the time needed to complete a project as well as the cost.

At present, we make sworn translations from and to the following languages:

• Croatian    • Czech    • Dutch    • English    • German    • Russian    • Serbian

Furthermore, we can arrange sworn translations to and from a number of other languages in combination with Slovak while providing comprehensive services related to sworn translation (e. g. certification of authenticity of document copies by the notary public, copying of documents, sending of the translation made to the address given by the client including addresses abroad etc.)


The unit of measure is one standard page consisting of 1800 characters or 60 characters in 30 lines. Remuneration for the translation made by sworn translators is governed by Act No. 382/2004 Coll. on experts, interpreters, and translators and amendment of some acts and its implementing regulations as amended.

In order to give you a binding calculation we need to have the following information:

  • whether it is a translation from Slovak (our mother tongue) to a foreign language, from a foreign language to Slovak or a translation from a foreign language to a foreign language (and what language)
  • when it needs to be done
  • volume of the text to be translated (an estimate of the volume can be done by inspecting the document to be translated; in case you cannot visit us in our office in person an estimate can be done based on a scanned copy of the document sent to us by e-mail)
  • other requirements and specifications

To receive a price calculation send us an e-mail message.

Questions and answers

How can the text for translation be delivered?
The text for translation may be sent by e-mail and in case that a document bearing a sign of authenticity needs to be bound together with the translation it needs to be sent by mail, courier or be brought in person.

Shall the authenticity of the document to be translated be certified by a notary public?
The authenticity of a document need not be certified for the purposes of translation. However, the recipient may question the authenticity of the submitted document. Thus, certification of authenticity of the document to be translated is recommended. The best possible solution is to know whether such certification is required.

When does a document to be translated need to be legalised?
As the issue of legalisation of documents is very complex we provide specialised consulting on a case by case basis.


Mgr. Silvia Berecká and PhDr. Radoslav Berecký
Hlavná 68 (opposite to the cake shop Aida and next to the bookshop Panta Rhei)
040 01 Košice

on working days from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
telephone: +421 55 622 52 89
mobile phone: +421 904 331 439
e-mail: info@berecky.sk